You Should Be Chasing Your Dreams

Life is a journey. It is meant to be lived fearlessly. Why then do we let fear get the best of us? Why do we stand in our own way when it comes to doing what we want?

I think we do it because it is so much easier to stand to the sidelines, and let life pass you by. Always holding your dreams and ambitions close to your heart.

The problem is that when you don’t push yourself to achieve more than the standards of living, you never really know how far you could have gone in this life.

Stop doing the easy thing.

I am as guilty as anyone of succumbing to the fears of stepping outside the status quo. I spent many years doing work that was fun, but didn’t really push me past my own boundaries. Showing up and earning a paycheck is probably the easiest thing I have ever done in my life.

But my dreams were always so much bigger. I wanted to do things, to go places, to live fearlessly in the world. I wanted to meet exciting new people, and create great things that would help others. But the voice in my mind wanted me to do it all with the same guarantee of success that showing up and collecting a paycheck provided to me. It wanted security, not risk.

That’s the funny thing about life. It doesn’t offer any guarantee on your dreams. Sometimes it will force you to take the big risk, the one with absolutely no promise of success. The thing you may not realize though, which is something I am still learning each and every day, is that life really does give you what you need to take those risks and chase your dreams.

Why then do we hold back from our dreams?

It’s the fear in our mind that keeps us from chasing the unknown world of our dreams. Every day since I started this journey has scared me, pushed me in ways I could never have expected. And those words have never been truer than they are when I write for you here.

Since I made the commitment to continue changing my life and my work, I have put in the time and effort to get really clear about what I was doing, and what I wanted my life to be.

I have made some really bold moves along the journey, but my heart longs to make even more. By learning to fully focus on my dreams, I was able to start pushing myself further and further outside of my old comfort zone.

And I have felt terrified many days along the way because I am taking risk after risk to chase my dreams.

I think that has been the most eye opening part of the journey for me. No matter how much I do, the thought of doing it still scares me.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

It’s become my daily mantra. Feel the fear . . . and then do it anyway. No matter how many people I speak with, no matter how many books I read, no matter how much you learn or grow or achieve—the fear is always inside. That little voice of doubt is always whispering in your head to play it safe. Just ask the most successful person you know.

It isn’t a lack of fear that allows us to succeed. It is believing so much in our dreams that we have no choice but to just go for it anyway.

Nobody’s perfect. You aren’t always going to win. Sometimes, you are going to fall so hard, you don’t know how you will ever get up again. But in every instance, there will be a lesson or understanding you take with you for the next time. Even though you are still afraid, you are a bit wiser for the wear.

Life was not meant for the sidelines.

You aren’t meant to sit out of the game. The coach is throwing you in to fight for victory. Believe in yourself, think back on what you’ve learned before, and push through the line. You might be surprised by how far you can go.

The only thing stopping you from chasing your dreams right now . . . is you.

4 thoughts on “You Should Be Chasing Your Dreams

  1. That was an awesome post. Most of the times we find that we have got so many big and inspiring dreams that we get all fired up. The ideas come rushing so fast that it is really difficult to comprehend. Yet, when the time comes to take action on those dreams we fall short of expectations. In fact, we hardly take any action towards achieving those dreams and then wonder why we are not achieving anything worthwhile.

    Fear is one thing which needs to be acknowledged and then action be taken anyway. I have experienced many times that whatever adventurous thing I have done in the past just got easier every time I did it.


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Neeraj! I couldn’t agree more that in most cases we need to feel the fear and do it anyway. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to practice that mantra over the last 3+ years! All my best ~ Steph

  2. Hi Steph, Thanks for the Post. This is how exactly how i feel.I am now in a totally comfort zone, getting paychecks every monthend, but i lack satisfaction that i cudnt chase my dream. I didnt step outside my comfort zone. Rightly said, i am the one who stops my dream. But soon i am gonna chase my dream, no matter how many times i fall down. I feel this is the pursuit of happiness.

    Thanks for the Post.

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