What to Do When You Run Out of Excuses

I have a dream for my life. I want to be a healthy, joyful person. I want to share stories that inspire hope, challenge convention, and give existence to that which was once only possibility. I want to help others rediscover what their lives were meant to be. I want to do work that matters, and I want to redefine what it means to create in this world.

But the thoughts in my head are the million and one reasons why I can’t do this.

. . . I don’t know how.


. . . I am not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough.


. . . I just need to figure out this one last thing.


. . . What if people don’t like it? What if they don’t like me?


. . . What if they think I am stupid? Or silly? Or full of it?

Sound familiar? It’s because we have all felt these same thoughts holding us back, keeping us stuck where we are.

I have this really bad habit of “input” when the excuses take over. This input mode occurs when I stop taking action, and instead just take in information. I am an avid reader so blogs, books, articles, you name it and I read it. Of course, the reality is that I become overwhelmed by all the information flowing in and I get even more stuck in excuses. What was supposed to “help” actually only hinders me.

So there I sit, with all this new information and even further from the goal line.

You dream of something better.

Why do you want to lose weight? What do you want from this one precious life?

In an all or nothing society, it can be hard to challenge the idea of “go big or go home.” But here’s the secret no one shares. It’s always about giving life to your dream, whether it is big or small.  Take the time to figure out what you want, and then start planning the steps that will get you from point A to point B. Stop taking in information about what you are expected to want or to be, and start defining what you want or want to be.

The reason I started Trading Pounds is because of my dream to help others find the courage to change their lives. It is important to me that I share my personal journey in raw honesty with each person who visits this site. I want you to feel cared for, taken care of, and that you have a trusted ally who understands the challenges we all face in conquering obesity.

This is my dream. It involves a lot of caring and giving. I want to be available to help every single person that crosses my path.

How will you define your dreams?

You get to set the terms. You get to identify the goal. It is all about what you want. The power to give life to your dreams rests in you alone.

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities. ~James Allen, As You Think

Write it down and get specific. Where do you want to be, and how you are going to get there. Find the help and support you need to make your dream a reality. When you meet opposition along the way, divert to a new path and go around. The greatest victories in life always begin with a single step.

Isn’t it time to take yours?

What’s Holding You Back?

I tried and failed a lot of “diets” along the way. But this time I knew I would succeed before I even started. Why? Because I wasn’t eating frozen food out of a package, or taking a magic pill, or drinking food through a straw. I wasn’t trying to trick, or deny myself anything. I was making choices that are repeatable, sustainable, and are going to be with me for the rest of my days.

My dream wasn’t about losing weight, it was about making a commitment to create the life I wanted to live. I supported that commitment every day through good food, positive change, and facing the mindsets that were holding me back. I stepped out of the shadows, and I let the light shine on me for the first time.

I have gained so much from this experience that it has inspired me to help others achieve this for themselves. I am hard at work creating a 10-week kick-start program, arranging Mind+Body+Soul retreats, and supporting others through personal sessions. If this is your moment of change, and you are ready to create the life you have always imagined for yourself, take some time to sign up for the Weight Warrior Email List. You’ll be the first to know about all the great things happening here at Trading Pounds including:

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Before You Go

Tell me about your dream in the comments section below. How do you want to define your life? What do you want to do that you have been holding yourself back from doing? What do you want to create in this world?

2 thoughts on “What to Do When You Run Out of Excuses

  1. Such a good description – “input mode.” I can relate to seeking information that I hope will move me out of my rut, but it’s really like you say – the excuses have taken over. Thanks for the helpful insight! A challenge to ask instead what actions I need to take, maybe a situation to face directly, when I notice I’m shifting into “input mode.”

    1. Hi Kate!

      Thanks so much for commenting. Input mode is a real stickler for me because it can be so hard to get going again. But when you create an awareness, you really empower yourself to overcome. Best to you ~ Steph

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